"I have explained to my colleagues about 100 times how to activate an out-of-office message for their e-mail software."

"I have easily shown over 70 people how to use Skype."

"And I have shown my friends more than 50 times how to change the privacy settings on Facebook."

With the help of Tut-All you will have to do that just ONE time.

How does it work?

  1. Download and install Tut-All
  2. Click Record
  3. Follow the instructions in the program
  4. Save the tutorial
  5. Pass it on to everyone who needs help

As simple as You make it: Tut-All

Tut-All is an interactive tutorial and automation software, which helps you to easily create interactive tutorials or automations and offer them to any user in the world. Moreover, it is possible to integrate it into already existing software, in order to create interactive training courses or helps.

Our video shows you how a created tutorial interactively leads you through a software.