Tut All IT-Practice-Trainer

Authoring tool and software coach

With the IT-Practice-Trainer you can:

Screen OCR Tool based on viaOCR

viaOCR is our insiders' tip. For everyone who needs more flexibility and greater accuracy in character recognition and cannot find it in standard OCR-libraries. We are using viaOCR in our Tut All products. The tool in the IT-Practice-Trainer is for all who very quickly need to extract some text from a picture.
For more information please send us a quick e-mail to info@tut-all.com or contact us via our contact page.

Record audio for each step

In the editor of the IT-Practice-Trainer you can also record audio for each step. The big advantage here is that you do not need to cut long audio tracks in another program. If you don't like the text you have recorded for one of the steps, just re-do it.

Choose which area of the picture to use

There is a very handy functionality which lets you choose areas of your pictures needed for the handbook. You can find it in the editor under: Tools/Options/Editor.

Individualise the handbook with your own company logo

For companies that wish to give their handbooks some corporate identity there is the possibility to upload your logo and place it into the header.

Export pictures only (in addition to the handbook)

In addition to creating the software handbook it is also possible to export the recorded pictures or the chosen picture areas as .png or .jpg.

Tut All Almanac

The idea is to create a small Wikipedia for software tutorials from and for private users. To use these download the Tut All IT-Practice-Trainer (Almanac). This way you can access the existing tutorial database and share your tutorials with other private users. The use of Almanac is free of charge for private users, educational institutions, or non-profit organisations. For the latter there are discounts for SAAS and Enterprise solutions.

By the way, we are using interactive tutorial interchangeably with interactive training.

Following features are being supported:

  • Runs on Windows 32/64 Bit
  • Record tutorials
  • Play tutorials (interactive simulator and LIVE beta)

Tut All OEM Partnership

You are a producer of software. You want to offer an extra service to your customers by offering interactive software assistance. You also want to reduce the workload for your IT help desk significantly at the same time; or you do not have a help desk and still want to offer excellent service.
You can choose from our Inside and Data Carrier alternatives.
With Inside the Tut All tool is being integrated in the software you are selling to be run in the help menu and started via a parameter in the command line. With Data Carrier you can provide your customers with the tutorials via data carrier. The latter is particularly well suited for situations where your customers would have very high licence fees connected with training purposes or even processes would need to be shut down for training.
We do offer a SAAS solution here as well where the tutorials are hosted in the cloud saving you the organisation of the hosting.

Tut All Enterprise

You want to host your internally created tutorials on your internally located server, i.e. in a closed system without any access from outside. This would be for companies that buy the user licences for IT-Practice-Trainer to use the tool internally for their employees.
Individual hybrid solutions are possible. Please contact us for a free consultation.

Tut All SAAS

You want to use all tutorials internally and host them in the cloud. This alternative is ideal for carefree internal use. Every user can download the IT-Practice-Trainer. A goal often mentioned is the desire to build up an internal knowledge database that gives a competitive advantage over time, where every employee can deposit his/her knowledge. In many cases the biggest winner is the IT department because they can reduce the work needed for repeat questions to basically "0" by providing interactive tutorials.