In the near future, there will be the option of creating an account within the tool.

All of them. Currently, it is only supported by Windows. Support for Linux and Mac OS is coming soon, as well as for mobile operating systems.

The Tut-All Almanac (the data base on the web) will initially be financed through donations. It is our intention to offer the system to private users for free, if possible. Companies will receive particular licenses including a warranty for individual support. Creators of tutorials will receive their respective share of the revenues. Tut All Inside will be distributed commercially for the integration into desktop applications. It may be integrated into free open source projects or free software without any charge.

No need to worry, we will not transfer any data to third parties.
Tut-All will only collect data while in record mode. When playing recorded tutorials, no further data will be recorded or passed to third parties, unless the person watching the tutorial explicitly demands it.

In the near future, there will be a forum where you can ask questions and bring forward your ideas.

Just send an email to faq@tut-all.com