Economy for the Common Good

An economic model for the future!

Tut All Software GmbH wants to take part in countering the ecological and social consequences of the finance and climate crises and therefore supports efforts for a more transparent and solidary economic system. For this reason we endorse the initiative "Economy for the Common Good", that for instance provides an alternative form of balancing for companies. Tut All Software GmbH is one of the regional pioneer companies to participate in this alternative balancing process.

Read or download the complete balance report or see our balance sheet (not yet translated):


An Economy for the Common Good is an alternative economic system built on values that promote the needs of the entire population. It is a tool for economic, political, and social change – a bridge to a better future.

On the economic level it is a viable and workable alternative for businesses of diverse sizes and legal structures. Its goal is to evaluate the management success of businesses based on values oriented around promoting the common good.

On the political level the movement seeks to bring about changes to current legislation. The overarching goal is to ensure a good life for all living things and for the planet as a whole, supported by a sustainable economic system. Human dignity, global fairness and solidarity, ecological sustainability, social justice, and democratic participation are at the top of the agenda.

On the social level the movement is an initiative to raise awareness for systemic change that seeks to motivate as many people as possible to cooperative, conscientious action. It is a source of hope and courage and strives to cooperate with other movemente for economic, social and environmental justice.

It is an open, participative process with a grassroots structure and a global scope.

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